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We will explain clamav-update, the ClamAV (and several other software) automatic customizable updater and its installation, configuration and execution of clamav-update and how to verify ClamAV.



clamav-update is licensed under GPL v2


clamav-update is running on UNIX-like OS. Especially, default configuration is for ClamAV customized for ClamXav on Mac OS X. Not for ClamAV installed by Apple on Mac OS X Server.


Details on requirements are: (independent from any configurations)

  • Perl 5.8 or higher
  • Perl module Sys::Syslog is available.
  • POSIX System(UNIX-like OS)
    Simply, we have developed and tested on such platform. At least, installer will running on UNIX-like OS we assumed

In case of Perl 5.6 (Unsupported)

It may work on Perl 5.6.x if you modified in clamav-update directly. For example, Jaguar has Perl version 5.6 But on old Linux with Perl 5.6 special customized are running. If you want how to customize, post requests on clamav-update forum. (Sorry that is not documented now !). But no support !